The block. Not outright refusal, but ambivalent denial. Resistance and production of relation. Shattering around the object, shards this way and that. Sprawling relation then, multiplying, divided, apportioned. Stumbling into a knot rather than hitting a wall. It is a tangle that is not insurmountable, but the very intractability of which renders encounter thoughtful. It is a question of effort expended over benefit gained. An unfortunate outcome of the instrumental equivalency of thought perhaps, but the benefit of course is that one can capitalise on this ever-present calculation taking place. Thus the knot is a useful resistance, confounding use and not-use precisely by presenting both faces. Ambivalence is the encounter with the knot, an imperative to disentangle or to disengage. A kind of economic calculation, against which stands the simple hesitancy of the knot.

Joseph Fletcher